Tips on how to File an Insurance Claim

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon hopes you will never need to file an insurance claim for damaged, lost or stolen jewelry. Insurance companies may have varying claims procedures but our trusted source for this post is Jewelers’ Mutual insurance Company.

Jewelers’ Mutual offers a free Guide to Jewelry Insurance and free no obligation quotes. Just click on the hypertext to go directly to easy-to-read explanations. If questions should arise, The Jewelry Judge is available to help walk you through what you need to know. Ben Gordon does not sell jewelry insurance, but his industry knowledge can help a jewelry owner understand what is covered and how much insurance is needed to protect your jewelry.

Not all jewelry needs insurance. Ben Gordon can sort through your items to determine which among them should be a priority for insurance purposes. His appraisal reports meet the insurer’s criteria for documenting value.

Keeping your jewelry safe is one of our goals at The Jewelry Judge. We can help determine how much coverage you’ll need. He’s easy to reach at 713 961-1432.

The Jewelry Judge gets around! Find him:


YouTube – Hear him speak on fine jewelry topics

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