From the Baseball Diamond to the Diamond District:

From the Streets of Brooklyn
Growing up in Brooklyn as a kid, Ben Gordon,(Benji) was not the toughest kid on the block, but he was fast… and smart. He played stickball in the tenement streets dodging traffic to get to the rusty manhole cover that was home plate. Third base was a fire hydrant.

Jewelry Tells A Life’s Journey
For anyone with an estate to settle, an engagement to celebrate, a special occasion to shop for, or even a legal case to dispute, Ben’s advice is priceless. He is a long way from the streets of Brooklyn, but a short distance to the Galleria for local Houstonians. Find him online too and book a virtual consultation or in person visit.

Personal jewelry commemorates history and Ben can tell your life’s journey as seen through your jewelry.

Knowledge You Can Trust from The Jewelry Judge

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