When is a Rolex like a House?

A strange question you may think!

Prices today are setting all time records

Housing prices today are setting all records for price appreciation. Furthermore, there are not many available to choose from in this seller’s market. With home values breaking new high levels, home insurance premiums are naturally rising too. Watches are like houses in today’s market.

Where to go?

Retail jewelers and watch dealers do not have much inventory to show their clients. Why? New models need skilled personnel and parts, both now in short supply. What they do have is selling at high prices, even second hand and estate watches. Watch buyers find they are in a seller’s market and are paying prices higher than manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Supply and Demand 101!

Know what you Own

If you own a Rolex, be sure you know what the current value is to assure that you are adequately insured.

If you plan to sell your Rolex, know what comparable models are selling for and where to go to achieve the best competitive price.

Consult with The Jewelry Judge to learn the current value of your watch either new or on the secondary market.

What’s Your Rolex Worth? Contact the Jewelry Judge.

Knowledge you can trust.

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