Is it a deal or a steal?

Why Do You Need Verification?

Verify Every Purchase!

If you are Buying Diamonds On-Line, Get a second opinion!

Is that gemstone a Diamond or a diamond simulant coated with diamond?

Is it a Natural Earth Mined or Lab-grown Diamond?

Coatings of “synthetic diamond” deposited on diamond simulants (CZ, Diamantine, Moissanite) should not be confused with synthetic (lab-grown) diamonds. With Lab-grown diamonds the entire weight and volume of the gemstone is actually diamond. While coated simulants have a very thin layer of synthetic diamond layered on top of the stone, which may wear off with the simple use of a polishing cloth or cleaning.

To the consumers naked eye it cannot be distinguished. Advanced gemological testing is needed to distinguish synthetic diamond and coatings from natural diamond. Our testing and experience can distinguish uncoated CZ and coated simulants from diamond (natural or synthetic) on the basis of thermal conductivity, weight-to-diameter ratio, and specific gravity.

See the Jewelry Judge for all you jewelry appraisal and consulting needs.

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