A Tiffany – unboxing

The Unboxing! A Daily Event with The Jewelry Judge

Unboxing videos are all over the Internet. Our human nature makes us curious. Will it be a treasure or a spoof? A diamond or a puppy? Every day, our appraisal work is as exciting as an unboxing event.

Our clients bring their jewelry in handbags, sandwich bags, roller bags. They arrive with backpacks and briefcases and remove velvet pouches, zippered purses and handkerchiefs and bring out wonderful things!

We’re Not Satisfied Until We Verify!

The below photo shows our client bringing in a necklace and earring set. It arrived in the iconic Tiffany blue box. But to our impartial eye, the box didn’t matter… and it shouldn’t!

Not until we examine the jewelry for markings and workmanship. Yes, this set had the correct Tiffany markings on each piece, and all were impeccably crafted. The metal was stamped 18K. So far so good.

Anyone can put a nice piece of jewelry in a Tiffany box. In fact, the Tiffany boxes themselves can be faked. This one was the real deal and wherever possible original boxes should be kept along with original receipts.

Details Count

We count and test each diamond to assure authenticity and measure each one individually to arrive at a total carat weight before determining the replacement insurance value that goes into our written appraisal report.

On specialty items, we may consult with the original manufacturer or designer. For discontinued designs of vintage and antique jewelry, we may consult auction sales. We maintain a current data base of current market prices for the precious stones we research.

You may not have luxury jewelry, but every jewel has value. Why not learn just how much value is in your box. We invite you to create your own unboxing event! Virtual consultations or In Person appointments are available through our website or by calling 713 961-1432.

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