Less Than Natural?

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As a consumer, you will regularly encounter gems that are synthetic man-made or have been treated.

  1. Lab-Grown Synthetic Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and every other gemstone are commonly created in a lab and sold in the jewelry market place. Were they described as such by the retailer or on-line merchant? Were they sold as natural?

The increased use of synthetic diamonds, sometimes referred to as lab-grown or man-made diamonds, in jewelry and their marketing make accurate identification and disclosure even more important. Non-disclosure of synthetic gems causes consumers to over pay for them, believing that they are of higher value than they are. 

2.  Gemstone Treatments to enhance their color and/or clarity are common in the jewelry market place. Are they disclosed or sold as Natural, Untreated gemstones.

Non-disclosure of treatments causes the consumer to believe that a particular gemstone is of higher quality naturally and more valuable than it actually is. It is legally required for anyone selling a gem (including consumer to consumer trade) to disclose the treatment procedure it may have received.

3. Gemstone Coatings have been perfected to create any color in gemstone look-a-likes.

4. Even Nano Glass-Ceramic materials are sold and used in jewelry, since they appear similar to natural gemstones and are available in hundreds of colors to match any gemstone.

JJLogowithGavelWhen comparing precious gemstones for purchase it’s always recommended to get an unbiased and independent opinion. Many jewelers will hold a credit card in exchange for a 24 hour examination period of gemstones or jewelry. The Jewelry Judge specializes in consulting before an important purchase is made. Come see the Jewelry Judge before you commit to a purchase.

The Jewelry Judge has extensive training and experience to identify not only the gemstone, but also any treatments or coatings that may be present. Trust the Jewelry Judge to detect colorless synthetic diamonds, treatments, as well as detecting colored diamond treatments and synthetics.


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