Better than a Box of Chocolates!

Here’s a story with a wonderful happy ending!  Our client brought in a box of costume jewelry and miscellaneous chains.  During our consultation and while she participated, we separated anything that was of some value from the costume pieces – mostly for sale as scrap gold.  There were a few items with sentimental value as these were from a family member who had recently passed away; and a tangle of miscellaneous pieces.

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon - Box of Jewelry

We cleaned several items to reveal any stamping or branding marks and found a generously sized blue stone ring in the pile of jewelry. Here’s the prize we found.

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon - Aquamarine RingAfter testing the center stone for authenticity and researching this ring, we discovered that the center stone weighed over 22 carats, and the ring was stamped Buccellati.  It was a stunner!

We delivered a full appraisal report to our client and referred her to a reputable New York auction house, Fortuna.  With our appraisal report, our client was able to set her reserve price.

The opening bid was $4,000 and the final knock-down price was $28,000 – well exceeding our client’s expectation.

Our clients benefit from the strategic partnerships we have established.  It’s our job to research value and potential ‘salability’ and we were very pleased that the owner of the aquamarine sparkler was happy with the price she received.

What started as a simple sorting and identifying task turned out to be a surprise treat for us all.  That’s better than an entire box of chocolates!

What’s in your jewelry box?  Call for a consultation to find out!

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