Jewelry Appraisals in Houston

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon is the most experienced independent jewelry appraiser in the Houston area. With 65 years of jewelry industry experience you are getting the best appraisal for your money.
Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon - Recognized for 6Years-3

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon’s –  3 Step Jewelry Appraisal Process:

  1. Examination: AppraisalsWe precisely examine the property to be included in the appraisal report while testing gemstones, metal properties, obtaining measurements and taking photographs. The information on the items is then recorded in preparation for research and the final appraisal report.
  2. Research: Research time is the time taken to compile test results to identify the gemstones, calculate weights and determine grades. Time is also taken to locate comparable items, determine manufacture dates, investigate retail markets and consult experts, as necessary. Values calculated for appraisals are based on comparable sales analysis for each item.
  3. Report: All appraisal reports are printed and bound. A PDF copy and photographs are emailed to client for backup purposes. Included in the report is a cover letter detailing the process taken and definition of values used; the jewelry, gemstone or watch descriptions with photographs and value conclusions, diamond grading definition page (where needed), references and instruments page along with the appraiser’s qualifications.


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