What’s Your Engagement Story?



jewelry judge ben gordon with real peopleCelebrate!
You did it! Consider toasting your engagement with a night on the town, a glass of bubbly or a celebration with friends and family.

Tell your engagement story on our Facebook page and receive a FREE Jeweler’s Loupe.

Did He/She Keep it Traditional?
Was it an intimate setting, preferably one with family and friends waiting nearby?
Did He/She drop to one knee and let your heart do the talking.

What was the Location, Location, Location?
Did he/she Propose from an extreme location – atop a mountain, while skydiving, or on the shores of a romantic and faraway beach.

What was his/her inspiration?
Did he/she use modern technology for a Twitter or Video proposal.

Cluster RingEmail or post your story and pictures on the Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon Facebook page and we will send you a Jeweler’s Loupe, so you can admire that engagement ring up close!


Spread the News!
Your partner will most likely handle this for you, but make sure to share the big news with people you know.  Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon will also share it on his Website as well as his Facebook Page.

Thanks for Sharing!
Share your engagement story to your social media and get a chance to WIN ONE of THREE Books:  Gem Care, Consumer Guide to Colored Gemstones or Gemstone Buyer’s Guide-Pocket Edition.

Even when your diamonds come with a grading report that provides an objective analysis of the 4Cs, you need an Independent Jewelry Appraiser to verify you received exactly what you expected. Grading reports from AGS Laboratories and GIA Laboratories are the most trusted in the industry.

So Make an Appointment for a Jewelry Judge Double Check for Peace of Mind.

Houston’s Most Experienced Jewelry Appraiser!

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon Double Check

JJ 65years

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