Tip for Brides!

Appraise Before the Honeymoon

16-RealPeopleBlueHave your engagement ring or wedding set appraised for insurance purposes BEFORE the honeymoon.

It is not uncommon for bridal jewelry to go missing after a scuba dive session, a romantic evening swim or a thrilling parasailing afternoon.


Read the many stories of lost jewelry at our blog Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon Blog

With the wedding and travel preparations, it’s easy to forget the seemingly small detail of replacement protection.

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon provides appraisal and consultation services, while you watch, either at our Gem Lab or at your home and your jewelry never leaves your sight. We want you to watch and ask questions during the entire process.

All gems and jewelry are photographed, weighed, measured, tested, evaluated and documented with a professional written report. Appraisal reports are thoroughly researched in the appropriate markets. Along with the printed and signed original report they provide PDF copies of the reports and copies of the photographs including micro-photographs of the gems and jewelry detailing identification features and the condition of the gems and/or jewelry, are easy to email to your insurance company.

Coverage can be in place before you arrive at your romantic destination ready to enjoy a worry-free honeymoon. Let us show you how easy it is, Book an Appointment Today!

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