Safe and Sparkly

Summertime is a Good Time to Update Insurance Appraisals

Insurance carriers suggest updating insurance values every three (3) years to assure adequate coverage in the case of loss or theft. With upcoming vacation travel plans, it’s always better to be safe and plan ahead. Why not update your appraisals before you travel so you’ll have peace of mind while away.

Confidence comes with a Jewelry Judge Appraisal Report and includes a complimentary condition check and cleaning.

Steam Cleaning
Cleaning and Condition Checks

Routine inspections and cleanings assure that your jewelry stays in good condition. During an inspection, the Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon looks for broken or worn prongs, weak clasps, or other damage before a diamond or gemstone is lost.

If it’s been three to five years since your last appraisal or if you’ve acquired additional Fine Jewelry items, you’ll want to visit us to review the value and update your appraisal report. Call 713 961 1432 for an appointment.

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