What Does Passion Mean?

jewelry judge ben gordon with real peoplePassion is the fire in your soul that lifts your spirit!  Jewelry is the outward expression of passion, one person’s LOVE for another! 

We often ask clients if they love the jewelry they have, then we inquire more deeply by asking for the story behind the jewelry, to learn they are very passionate about the piece and the family history attached to it!

Regardless of your line of work, those that are passionate about what they do are happier, more grounded and positive. They generate positive energy that benefits everyone. So live with passion in everything you do, with everyone you meet, and everything you touch.

Passion will become infectious and that’s a great virus to spread!

“Jewelry is not merely adornment. It is family history, emotional attachments, family history and loving memories. And of course, for us, it’s a passion!”

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