Buying a Diamond Ring?

jewelry-judge-ben-gordon-photo-for-website.jpgBeware Carat Total Weight (CTW). Question any jeweler’s tag that ONLY lists the “CTW” of diamonds in a ring and does not list the center diamond separately and precisely.

You can not compare prices with another ring or store if you do not know the weight and quality of the main diamond.

A large diamond may be worth more than 6 smaller ones with equal total weight.

Solution: Ask for the weight and quality of the center diamond by itself, and ask if it has a GIA or AGS Diamond Grading Report.

Synthetic Diamonds – PDF Document: What Type of Diamond Do You Have?

Buying an Engagement – PDF Document: How to Buy an Engagement Ring!

You may know the 4-Cs, but the 5th-C is Confidence.
Confidence comes with a Jewelry Judge Appraisal Report!

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