The Jewelry Judge Forensics to the Rescue!

We often see clients with jewelry purchase nightmares! Luckily the forensic evidence documented by a Jewelry Judge Appraisal Report may go a long way to resolve disputes and avoid going to court!  A case in point involves a center stone engagement ring with Cadillac* cut side diamonds shown here.

Following our original appraisal our client’s wife decided to change the design by replacing the side stones with baguettes. Per her request, her jeweler created a new setting with baguettes instead of the Cadillac cuts. Our client came to us with the re-designed ring for a revised and updated appraisal.

The jeweler told them the Cadillac cuts were less desirable than baguettes. But he knew a diamond supplier in New York who would take the side stones ‘off their hands’ in exchange for smaller baguettes and some cash. The jeweler charged $$$$ over and above the trade-in value. He was extremely slow in providing the finished design (a potential red flag for any custom jewelry work!).

The jeweler never described the quality of the replacement side diamonds, so the client was not aware of the fluorescence present in one of the replacement baguettes; nor was she aware that both side baguettes were a lower color grade than her original side diamonds. Furthermore, the original mounting was PT950 platinum and the new mounting was PT900 platinum which is a less costly material.


Our Findings

When the gemologists at The Jewelry Judge examined the new ring design under the microscope, it was discovered that the center diamond had the GIA laser inscription hidden behind a prong and the diamond seating was poorly done. Several scratches were also present on this new mounting. The baguettes tested as a lower quality than the original Cadillac cut side diamonds that had been documented scientifically in our original appraisal report.

Armed with the Jewelry Judge appraisal report of their original ring; detailed photos and our written assessment; together with the newly documented observations and the updated valuation, our client requested the return of the original stones in their original ring design.

The jeweler argued defensively. But in the end, confronted by the written report documentation from The Jewelry Judge, he returned the original ring and refunded the client’s $$$$.

Case Settled

Our client was happy to be made whole with the return of the original ring – thanks to a Jewelry Judge Appraisal!

Protect your jewelry with a Jewelry Judge Appraisal Report and be sure to come back for periodic updates. This client was certainly happy they did!

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Note: The Jewelry Judge does not buy or sell jewelry. We are ‘independent’ appraisers which means we avoid conflicts of interest by not carrying an inventory, not buying and not selling jewelry from or to our clients.  We represent our client’s interests exclusively!

*Cadallac cut is described elsewhere in the documentation as ‘shield’ shape also known as ‘step cut trapezoid.’

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