Jewelry Talks

Real People - Real StoriesValue goes beyond price or replacement value… .

Every piece of jewelry we examine has a genealogy, a story to tell.  Jewelry talks to us and we listen.   No, we don’t hear voices! We provide Genealogy with Gemology!

Our experience and training has taught us to recognize manufacturing techniques, fashion trends and styles.  We can also identify patterns of wear that may reveal the personality and lifestyle of the original owner.

Our clients tell us we are psychic!  No, we are just passionate about what we do.  Appraising is our business, Jewelry is our Passion! 

We are a link between the past, present and future of each piece of jewelry we  have the pleasure to examine.  Material value is, of course, important when appraising  for insurance purposes, but we have an understanding of each item that goes beyond its material value to include the emotional story that it reveals.

Each ring, pendant, bracelet or earring holds memories for a future generation like a time capsule waiting to be opened.  Even brand new contemporary items hold a story.  Jewelry tells the story of Real People, sometimes the story is a mystery to be solved, sometimes, it’s a story of a life time to be remembered, appreciated, and handed down to heirs. Jewelry is not merely adornment, it is family history, emotional attachments and memories.  And of course, for us, it’s a passion.

It’s not about the things we have, it’s about the memories we make!  Few gifts in life can surpass the feeling of receiving beautiful jewelry.  Ensure your gifts last and protect the memories by having them documented and insured.  A Jewelry Judge Appraisal Report accurately documents and determines the current market value of jewelry, watches, diamonds, and gemstones. Too often the TRUE value is not realized until after the gift has been lost.

JJ-Court-gavel33Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon, 5433 Westheimer Road, Suite 606  Houston, TX.  77056

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